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SERVICES BUY WITH CONFIDENCE We stand proud with all OneTigris products and we will never stop looking for ways to improve. Any item that has a OneTigris label or logo on it will be tended to when you need it, and we will assist you accordingly no matter where the purchase was made. Your satisfaction is what matters the most so if you have any inquiries or comments, please contact us immediately by Email, Facebook or Aliexpress.
QUALITY GUARANTEE ---- "Jai" reviews of the onetigris Molle bag: As a former Infantry Officer in the US Army, I can attest to the superb quality and functionality of this item. Rugged and streamlined, pockets and straps are situated appropriately, makes for great shoulder or waist bag. The application for this was for a 2 day Kayaking trip, This meant my Ranger Ruck w frame had to stay home. Things had to be stowed in Kayak cargo compartment. Anything loaded on top of Kayak could make Yak top heavy and more prone to tipping (Winter trip). This molle bag provided quick access to items while yaking downriver. Our expedition leader was quite impressed with this bag and was inquired as to where he could obtain one as well. I did a turtle over in the river and this molle bag retained its content and dried quickly and retained its shape. Makes good unique gift for urban hikers or true wilderness buff.

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